The Advocacy Action Alliance is a source of news, resources, standards and discussion for advocacy providers in England and Wales

About Us

Our vision is for anyone who has a need for independent advocacy in England and Wales to have the support that they need. They should be able to express their views and to be heard, through access to high-quality independent advocacy support.
Our mission is to bring together advocacy organisations and others across England and Wales to ensure that people have access to high-quality independent advocacy to support them in tackling social injustice, exclusion and inequality.

We do this by gaining sign-up to the Alliance and its mission, promoting action within member organisations and supporting the development and delivery of joint programmes of work.
We achieve our mission through:
  • establishing an effective and sustainable voice for the advocacy sector through collaborative working
  • gathering and distributing information - we will be sending out e-bulletins to a wide range of organisations and individuals to provide information about advocacy-related topics such as consultations and lobbying opportunities.
  • developing a national data set and maintaining it with an up-to-date list of providers and contact information
  • developing a programme of activities in accordance with the results of the initial scoping exercise and further consultation within the sector
  • acting as a conduit for sharing information such as good practice and development within the sector
  • influencing national policy and practice
  • maintaining an inclusive and accountable membership and governance.
If you would like to know more about the work of the Advocacy Action Alliance  please contact us or subscribe to our E-bulletin